These instructions are only to be attempted if you know what you are doing and the basic instructions failed. Please contact us on our Support group if you experience any problems. Please notice that RGT only supports Python 3 now.


The recommended way of installing RGT is via pip, the main python package manager. After installing pip, type in this order:

pip install cython numpy scipy
pip install RGT

This will install the full RGT suite with all python dependencies. A few more libraries will be needed, but should be installed via your own distribution’s package manager.

Fail in installation?

Please try the following code if you didn’t install these libraries yet:

sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev zlib1g-dev

Then repeat the installation of RGT again.

Some errors are also due to older pip versions, so make sure to keep that updated:

pip install --user pip -U


Before installing via pip, we need to setup the environment. First of all, you need the basic command line utilities for compilation:

xcode-select --install

See this guide for more visual details. After this, you must install the Homebrew version of Python:

brew install python boost llvm

Finally, we can use pip to install RGT. We suggest you do not use the –user option, otherwise you’ll have to add another directory to your PATH.

pip install cython numpy scipy
pip install RGT --no-binary RGT


Sorry. We don’t support windows environment this moment.

Remove multiple installation

If you have multiple installation of RGT accidentally, please repeat the following command until no more RGT installation is detected.

pip uninstall RGT

Then please follow the instruction above for installation again.